There’s a zillion self-help books out there, but there’s also a zillion people not reading them and probably not much interesting in helping themselves, either.

So it is with organisations. There’s a zillion organisations out there, and I see no evidence of any of them much interested in helping themselves. Although, in the case of organisations, I know of only one book specifically aimed at enabling organisation to help themselves: Memeology.

Seems like NOBODY in management or product consulting has heard the old adage:

Q: How do you build a great product?

A: Build a great team and they’ll build the great product for you.

It’s not as if the precepts of Quintessence are just idle speculations or wishful thinking. They’re underscored by at least 4 years of demonstrable results at Familiar (and with other clients subsequently).

Conclusion: Demonstrable results count for naught (irrespective of what senior management espouse).

You might like to consider this in the light of my post “Your Real Job“.

It’s the system (the way the work works) that determines circa 95% of an individual’s performance in their job.

Are you still “managing the 5%” (through training, coaching, motivation, appraisals, etc.)?


Seems to me that the biggest challenge for managers in our Covid times is finding ways to help and support staff in giving a damn about work, the mission and the organisations’ shared purpose (your organisation does have one of those, hmmm?)

Maybe starting with themselves may be as good a departure point as any?

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