Community Purpose

I have created this page as a placeholder for our discussion about the Purpose of the Rightshifting Community. Hopefully, with your active participation, some reasonably clear and mutually acceptable statement of the purpose of our community will emerge.

Note: When using e.g. Twitter, how about using #rightshifting as the tag to connect with others on the topic of Rightshifting? At least, until a better means emerges.


I have no wish to monopolise or even exert undue influence on the nature and direction of this Rightshifting Community. Personally, I’d like to see emerge a non-for profit foundation or similar which could seek donations (not sponsorship) and volunteers to help take the Rightshifting message(s) to a broader audience. Let’s see if any such thing happens.


To get the ball rolling here’s a straw-man statement of our purpose as a community:

“The Rightshifting Community exists to help one another better understand the Rightshifting message; help evolve that message to make it more useful to organisations everywhere; and provide mutual support in situations where indifference and even sometimes open hostility to these ideas can seem overwhelmingly dispiriting.”

Note: My focus on purpose stems from the observation that (shared) purpose lies at the core of the Synergistic mindset. Surely we can learn more about Rightshifting by practically engaging with the building of a Synergistic-minded community?


I posit that as the community comes together, binds, and discusses issues such as this one, the nature of our communal purpose will change and evolve. The external environment will likely also change and evolve (hopefully for the better, with our joint efforts). I for one welcome this prospect.


For my part, I would love to see a diversity of views and contributions in this community. Let’s be different, let’s think differently – not just from the mainstream, but from each other too. I believe the only thing we need to hold in common to be a thriving community is a shared purpose.

Contributions to this Discussion

Please use any means you feel most suitable to get to know each other better,  bind the community together, and evolve our shared meaning and common purpose. This page has a commenting facility which might prove useful in the first instance. Please tell your friends.

If you feel this page needs more topics, the community need more pages, or a different medium would suit us better, don’t be shy in making your case.

Please also note that I moderate all comments on this blog myself (including these pages). Thuswise, sometimes comments may take some minutes or hours to appear. Don’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about self-organising, or about having discussions in other places or via other channels.


– Bob

  1. This is a topic that fascinates me. Having worked in various industries in an IT delivery capacity for about 18 years I have seen a number of uncannily repeating patterns of dysfunctions in organisations – patterns that seem to be organisational size agnostic. Having learned about the Rightshifting concept I am now beginning to understand why.

    I am hoping that this community not only promotes widespread understanding of Rightshifting but also provides great support for those of us who are trying to find their place in the right kind of organisation while balancing matters of mindset and principle against career advancement.

    Ultimately I dream of living in a world where people enjoy their workplaces, indeed have a passion for them. So many folks are dispassioned, disengaged and disillusioned with their careers. Hopefully this community will be a small but powerful step toward such a dream.

  2. I echo Neil’s comment. I work mainly in UK Government and see plenty of the “dispassioned, disengaged and disillusioned” that Neil mentions. But I also feel there is a growing bunch of energetic folks who want to do things differently and some intent at senior level to tap into this. To me it looks like those with will and know-how are increasingly able to change things in ways I wouldn’t have expected even a few years ago. At the moment these people – of which I guess/hope I am one – are sparsely distributed and probably feeling exposed. if there are ways to help them connect, learn from each other and take the right(-shifting?) steps; then that has to be a good thing.

  3. Agree with Neil and Mark, would like to add, not just connecting like minded individuals but also stimulating ideas, sharing concerns and giving feedback on what works. We all learn from experience and sharing what works in one organisation or (just as important) what has not worked, will help the entire community learn. This can also help promote how powerful shared beliefs and passion can achieve remarkable results, no matter what level you are in an organisation.

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