The Author

I’m a misfit. A trouble-maker. A round peg. I see things differently. I have no fondness for rules, and no respect for the status quo. I change things.

I’m changing the world of knowledge work, for the better.

Philosophy and Perspective

“I believe that a Rightshift of knowledge-work businesses brings improved health, wealth and wisdom for individuals, for the organisations in which they work, and for society at large.” (More here)

For a more about my philosophy and perspective on the world of work, please take a look at the NoCV section of this blog, at my Personal Charter, and at the Familiar Credo.

The Blog

Via this blog, I share insights of particular interest to CxOs, other senior business managers, and development folks more generally – into the always exciting, often frustrating and sometimes downright opaque world of knowledge work, i.e. software and product development.

Public Speaking

I speak quite often – by invitation only – at national and international conferences and other events.


Here’s a collection of links to most of my videoed presentations:

Video of Ace Conference Krakow 2012 Keynote

Video of Magrails11 presentation
Rightshifting Recruitment

Video of Lean Kanban Benelux 11 Presentation
Rightshifting Explained” (Session 1, led by @FlowchainSensei)

Video of Lean Kanban Benelux 11 Presentation
“Rightshifting Explained” (Session 2, led by @PG_Rule)

VIdeo of Skillsmatter-hosted presentation 25.08.2009
“Is Lean the Inevitable Future for Software-intensive Product Development?”

Video of Limited WIP Society presentation 13.05.2010
“Why Big-Picture Stuff Matters”


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