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Ten Reasons You Don’t Need Organisational Psychotherapy  

You don’t need Organisational Psychotherapy if:

  • you’re already realising the maximum potential and engagement of your people
  • your perspectives and assumptions about business are bringing you as much success as you need right now
  • your organisation’s culture is strong, positive, healthy and fully supportive of your objectives
  • everyone is motivated to do good work, focussed on the things that matter to the people that matter
  • no one in your organisation is stressed out, frustrated or angry
  • folks know how to talk with each other, both socially and to address business issues 
  • there are no blockers to healthy and productive collaboration
  • work is a safe place where everyone trusts each other and looks out for each other’s welfare
  • folks strive to learn and share new knowledge and develop each other’s skills and capabilities
  • everyone’s needs are receiving attention and action

How’s it going, where you are?

– Bob


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