My name is Bob Marshall and these days I most often describe myself as an Organisational Psychotherapist. Which is to say, I bring psychotherapy techniques out of the therapy room and into the organisation as a whole. When an organisation is trying to change its culture, and its fundamental assumptions and beliefs, what better way than Organisational Psychotherapy?

In decades of experience within technical businesses, I’ve come to understand that technical skills pale into insignificance beside our ability to nurture productive collaborative relationships. If you’re in an organisation that wants to improve things for the better, you may find my services to you of profound benefit.

Throughout my career I’ve inspired people to realise more of their potential. I spent three years as founder and CEO of Familiar, Europe’s UK’s first 100% Agile software house and digital consultancy, serving major Digital Business clients in Telecoms, Finance, Banking, Travel, Media, and eBusiness.

I have since 2000 headed Falling Blossoms – the UK’s first Organisational Psychotherapy provider – serving organisations looking to become more humane, people-oriented and, thereby, productive.

Previous to Familiar, I held the role of Senior Architect with Sun Microsystems’ UK Java Center, and before that fulfilled many technology-related roles, including Digital Product Manager, Digital Business Manager and consultant, and Digital Solutions Architect. I’ve also held general management, consultancy, systems administration and development roles, as well as roles in operations, marketing and sales.

With a keen focus on business value, able to de-risk client project delivery and provide guaranteed outcomes, most of my assignments now revolve around working as a friend, counsel and therapist to ambitious, progressive technology and Digital Business organisations.

I’m the author of “Hearts over Diamonds” – the foundational and definitive book on Organisational Psychotherapy, the originator of Rightshifting and the creator of the Marshall Model (Dreyfus for the organisation), as well as Prod•gnosis, Emotioneering FlowChain – the enterprise-wide approach to developing software-intensive products and services, and more recently the Antimatter Principle and Flow•gnosis.


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