My Intolerance Of Shit Has Cost Me Several Million Dollars $$$

My Intolerance Of Shit Has Cost Me Several Million Dollars $$$

I’ll admit it. I’m intolerant of shit.

What kinds of shit, you might enquire. Here’s a brief list:

  • Vacillation.
  • Indecision.
  • Wilful ignorance.
  • Nepotism and other cliques.
  • Ineptitude.
  • Dilettantism.
  • Indifference.
  • Exploitation.
  • Naive dialogue (inability to converse).
  • Lack of interaction.
  • Stupidity.
  • …and so on

How Has This Cost Me Millions?

Because the people who pay are full of shit (see above). So I choose to not go anywhere near them. Ever. Which limits my income and revenue opportunities massively, of course.

Does This Bother Me?

Not really. It would bother me big time if money was my driver. But it never has been. I’m motivated by helping people, building interpersonal relationships, community, understanding things, and having a useful life. And there never was much money in any of that.

I’m much happier being poor than spending my life drowning in ordure.

– Bob

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