Prod•gnosis is a perspective on designing organisations – such that they can develop, launch and sell new products and services much more effectively than is presently the norm.

Prod•gnosis is a portmanteau word, invented by me, as a combination of the words “Product”, and “gnosis” meaning “mystical knowledge” or “know-how”. I was inspired to invent the term after reading Martin Lindstrom’s excellent book “Buy•ology

For a further all-too-brief introduction, see the post “Prod•gnosis in a Nutshell“.

“Prod•gnosis” is also the title of a book I am in the course of writing about the art and science of the business of product design.


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  1. numeja said:

    Many years ago I had cassette tape sets by marketing gurus.

    One was by a self-styled “mystic millionaire”, Ron Holland. Gosh, have I been learning about marketing that long?

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