An Ode to Clean Language

An Ode to Clean Language

Oh, Clean Language, so simple and bright,
You cut through our words, like a beacon at night.
You’re more than just questions, a mere interrogation,
You foster connection and aid contemplation.

In the hands of a therapist, so wise and so deft,
You’re a mirror to thoughts, both the right and the left. A reflection so clear, a reflection so pure,
Helping us to examine, to think and endure.

With you, we sidestep assumptions so sly,
Navigating the mind’s labyrinth, oh my!
You unlock hidden wisdom, you uncover the truth,
In the hearts of the old, in the souls of the youth.

Through your lens, we see our thoughts unfurl,
In a whirl of colours, they dance and they twirl.
And oh, how they gyre, in this dance of perception,
Under your gentle, your kind, your clear introspection.

So here’s to you, Clean Language, in all your might,
In personal battles and professional fight.
May you continue to help us, to see and to hear,
Our own thoughts and feelings, so vivid and clear.

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  1. Oh what fun this is! May I share in the Clean Community?

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