The Last Post

The Last Post

I’ve just had a dream. Not a grandiose MLK-type “I have a dream” kind of thing. Just a regular, unbidden dream whilst sleeping.

I’ll not bore you with the details. Suffice to say it’s wakened me to the utter pointlessness of continuing to push ideas to an audience that’s just not interested in learning.

So this is my last post.

For those few who’ve followed my blog with interest, I propose to continue sharing, via correspondence. Accordingly, I invite you to correspond via the channel or medium of your choice. You know where to find me. Clue: try LinkedIn for starters, or leave a comment, below ⬇️.

I wish you well.

– Bob

  1. Hope it’s not your last as you always make me think of things in a different way. But yes , I do get the frustration for real

    • Last. Final. Concluding. I invite you to correspond. Would you be willing to nominate the channel / medium which might suit you best?

  2. I went through this before with you, and it all sounded like it was coming together.

    I would love to correspond.

    • numeja said:

      It’s a two-way street. If you would like us to continue to use your wordpress site, I’m good with that. I have my own and my focus has been across the street from you. We could discuss common problems from our different views of the street.

      To me that is the inability for companies to realise they need to be all-in for true transformation. And it’s John Seddon’s book “beyond command and control” is what brought me to your site.

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