What’s the job of a carpenter? Is it to cut, saw, shape and finish wood? Hardly. Although those things are involved in carpentry.

How about the production of doors, chairs, tables, cabinets, structural woodwork, etc.? Again, not really.

In essence, the job of a carpenter, as for so many other trades, skills and professions, is to attend to folks’ needs, via wood. Needs like: things to sit on, things to close off spaces, things in which to keep other things, things to support things, and so on.

What say you?

– Bob

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  1. nicc777 said:

    I suppose it depends if the individual carpenter specialize or not? Some carpenters only produce and fix rocking chairs (just an example), so in that case they may be not a good choice to fix your window frame. It’s like saying “I’m in IT” when someone asks you what you do for a living. Perhaps at some high level you could say I’m supposed to attend to a customers needs who has an IT issue… But if the customer has a printer issue on Windows, I’m not the guy that should fix it – I wouldn’t even know where to start!

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