GilbFest 2022 – Day 1

GilbFest 2022 – Day 1

A quick round-up of my impressions from the first day of GilbFest 2022.

What is GilbFest?

Every year Tom Gilb invites selected folks from his acquaintance to meet in London for a week, to share ideas relevant to the world of software delivery and etc.

This year, as for the past few years, the event is online rather than in-person. Which suits me as I loathed trawling up to central London every day for a week.

This year’s theme is “Success And Preventing Failure”. Each day is divided into 30 minute slots, one per attendee/speaker, with each slot providing 15 minutes for some kind of presentation and a further 15 minutes for Q&A. Each slot being interspersed with a 20 minute break / opportunity for social interactions.


Overall, day one has been a series of folks sharing anecdotes, opinions and a couple of (brief) case studies. The general tenor has been “I read a book, you might like it too” and “I found this (other person’s) model, you might like it too”. No original work or thoughts so far. Which, as an inventor, innovator,  and serial creator myself, I find deeply frustrating. And I hate unsubstantiated opinions, too. All in all, my needs are not getting met. Nor even attended to. C’est la vie.

Also, there’s been a lot of blah-blah-blabbering going on today. Personally, I choose to listen over talk.

– Bob

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