1. I think the cult of ‘leaderism’ and the slew of ‘real leaders are a dying breed ‘ type articles completely miss the point as many of your articles correctly outline. Most people don’t want to be led – they want to have their needs met feel their job is aligned to a purpose. Just my anecdotal experience but since covid there has been more push in organisations to find the perfect leader as it’s only leaders who will save us, rather than face the more daunting task of tackling the system those leaders operate in.

      • I was going to ask you the same question! The optimist in me says there are weak signals that people are becoming more interested in this kind of stuff – notably as productivity is flat lining in many orgs /decline in engagement/ disillusionment with way tech is developed. The old methods just aren’t working. But we all still swimming against the tide, at least it feels like that. Maybe we need a change in how we target and form coalitions with what I suspect is a silent group of people, if not majority

  2. numeja said:

    Good question.
    I think leaders find a cause that people feel strongly about.

    Yes they follow the leader but it’s the leader who picked their favourite cause.

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