Over the past five years I’ve hardly ever left the house. And rarely spoken to anyone, even virtually, excepting two or three stalwarts.

In 2018-2019 this state of affairs was entirely by choice. I was wrapped up in writing my first Organisational Psychotherapy book – Hearts over Diamonds. And then along came COVID-19 and leaving the house became problematic for millions.

In 2020 and 2021 I made lemonade out of them lemons, doubling down on writing, and penned my second and third OP books: Memeology and Quintessence. I would have gone crazy without the focus this brought. Social media proved to be no substitute for face to face interactions and in-person conversations. Even my blog, which had been a source of interactions 2010-2015, tailed off and every post now receives next to zero comments.

So here we are, five years on. And I can honestly say that there’s zero demand for my skills, and precious little interest in effective software delivery and my insights thereinto. The software industry has never really embraced the idea of improvement – continuous or otherwise – and I see little prospect of this changing in my lifetime. The field of software delivery seems consigned to the same old torpor, indifference and the hegemony of the status quo. Fresh ideas and innovations appear unwanted – or is that unneeded?

– Bob

  1. Hey Bob, thanks for sharing something of yourself, how you have been, detailing a little of your very bold email title. Enjoying witnessing such courage.

    I’m glad you have had a focus and sad that your passion and experience hasnt, as yet, found root in the outside world. And noticing how disappointed you probably are in not being believed or trusted to contribute to others effectiveness, or helping to open the door to new realms of opportunity.

    How utterly frustrating.

    I regularly see in the work that I do that people’s attitudes or mindset or fixed thinking and either righteous attitude or fear of being curios are prevalent and are the invisible and insidious roadblocks to progress. And are almost impossible to surface in others.

    So often the espoused values and hopes stated aren’t underpinned by personal reflection and willingness to be open and develop. Integrity is lost in favour of shorter and narrower goals often personal and unshared.

    So, realising, there is nothing easy in what you have done or want to attempt. As again I often see that people don’t have time to reach through to others, to new ideas, to fresh thinking.

    There is so much value in the things you have so carefully named. I so wonder how you could meet a willing market and have society support you as innovator.

    Part of my interest is to consider, experiment and learn how to bridge between people, those who can happily swim in the current flow replete with compromises and deference, and those who’s aims are a higher integrity and seemingly at odds with the former. It is a struggle. Much of which I am either unable to grasp or have not yet the routines or discipline or something to make decent tracks towards progress.

    So saluting you as fellow traveller and admiring your achievements to date.

    I so heartily appreciate your stalwarts who have stood by you and keep in contact.

    I look forward to your continuing posts with alacrity.

    Best, Tom

  2. numeja said:

    Wow, talk about polarising.

    The right shifting is not just for software. We learnt how to control complex projects with dynamic process control.

    You, with your #NoSoftware tag know inspect and adapt (or look and learn) applies to all organisations.

    What you offer are uncomfortable truths.

    But you must let the world know.

  3. ahmad said:

    I continue to find value and inspiration in your work.

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