Can We Really Trust People To Do The Right Thing?

Paul Taylor

Believing in the good of humanity is a revolutionary act – it means that we don’t need all those managers and CEOs, kings and generals. That we can trust people to govern themselves and make their own decisions.

Rutger Bregman

It looks like this pandemic is, for the UK at least, coming to end. In terms of a narrative arc the story of Covid-19 started with people stockpiling toilet roll, hand sanitiser and eggs and ended with confirmation of something we had guessed long ago – that those who create the rules for the little folk rarely stick to them.

People really are shit aren’t they? Left to our own devices social order breaks down and we reveal ourselves to be self-centred, selfish and uncaring.

Except there’s little evidence that’s the case.

Whilst the media has delivered us a daily stream of bad behaviour – with even community street parties…

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  1. Marco said:

    Not when they are in fear – that’s the trick. There is a problem with some foundational assumptions of this article IMHO. The belief that who makes the laws really have any interest in people’s well-being and that what happens in the World is somewhat random. As dreadful as it might sound, the truth is quite the opposite. It is a show, driven by the complicity of the media in order to manipulate the naive society by some people who know exactly how social systems work. The good thing is that it is not going the way they hoped anymore, so… I feel worldwide kakushin getting closer and closer. Let’s hold on!

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