Damp Squib

Damp Squib

So, it looks like my most recently published book, Quintessence, is a damp squib, in that literally no one appears to have any interest in what makes for a highly effective, highly productive, highly successful software development organisation.

I must say that I have long suspected that the industry at large has no interest in effectiveness. After all, if there was such interest, Agile would not have swept the board to the extent it has (it being a relatively ineffective path to productivity, etc.).

So fuck it.

– Bob

  1. Very sorry to hear Bob.

    Is what you do applicable to any organisation, in any field?
    There must be plenty of other places that would bite your arm off to achieve purpose and effectiveness.

  2. Applicable to any collaborative knowledge work organisation, at a minimum.

  3. And I suspect there’s less enthusiasm for the ideas than you might guess. :{

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