1. There is a legitimate problem that “Agile” has be co-opted and perverted. Turns out that a problem with going mainstream is that pre-agile/anti-agile thinkers have embraced the agile name and the superficial rituals, and turned them into something that is far worse than the way things were before agile. We call this “Dark Agile.”

    For example, the “daily standup meeting” is supposed to be a time for team members to get together and coordinate their work with each other. It’s specifically not supposed to be for each person to report their status to the boss. But it’s trivially easy for a micro-manager to make it that. And while in the past, weekly status reports allowed some flexibility “under the radar,” with daily check-ups by a micro-management boss who assigns detailed tasks for people to work independently, there’s no escape from the micro-manger’s detailed daily control.

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