Organisational Psychotherapy For the Curious

Organisational Psychotherapy For the Curious

The foundational premise of Organisational Psychotherapy is that every organisation’s effectiveness is a function of its collective assumptions and beliefs.

To improve effectiveness, collective assumptions and beliefs must change.

To change collective assumptions and beliefs, the assumptions and beliefs of individuals – such as, but not limited to, managers – must change.

How might organisations interested in effectiveness effect such changes?

Having read this, what will you do now?

– Bob

Further Reading

Marshall, R.W. (2021). Hearts over Diamonds: Serving Business and Society Through Organisational Psychotherapy. Falling Blossoms. (Leanpub).

Marshall, R.W. (2021). Memeology: Surfacing and Reflecting on the Organisation’s Collective Assumptions and Beliefs. Falling Blossoms. (Leanpub).

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