1. Brilliant! If you are facing the wrong problem, you need to change your orientation so you can see the other problems. Will it help if we were to start with an outside-in perspective? How do others see “the problem to be faced” from their vantage point looking at our system?

      • I cannot see the PNG in that link. It may be accessible to the slack channel members only.

      • Sorry about that. I think I just fixed it.

      • I’ll remember not to post images from Slack in future.

      • Thank you. That’s a good quote. Worth remembering.

      • That is very useful guidance, it might likely be somewhere else other than the place it manifest itself to you. I was wandering, to help us start searching somewhere else, how do we look around? Maybe a way to start can be asking others for what they can see from their vantage point.

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