1. Marco Consolaro said:

    The market for lemons…

    • Although, in a classic Market for Lemons, buyers discount their lack of knowledge and risk of buying a lemon through lower prices (degraded willingness-to-pay). I’ve not seen this in the software industry.

  2. Marco said:

    Because there is a big need for devs and money is the only thing the buyer can offer, hence the salary war. Furthermore, in software, the buyer is not able to judge the purchase neither after a few years. So the degraded willingness-to-pay comes in a different currency: no more training and coaching, no more community of practice, no more innovation time, no more conference allowance, no more open space days, no more things that create a bond among people, especially if around skills acquisition. Essentially: no more time for learning and being joyful together. They just want code monkeys, and code monkeys they have. But those people who love software don’t care much about the salary anymore: they want a meaningful environment to work in, with great people and the necessary autonomy. Something that is becoming pretty rare IMHO.

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