Quickie: VUCA Nonsense

I’m so tired of books and articles that start something like:

“We live in times of unprecedented turbulence and uncertainty and we are losing faith in our ability to organise ourselves to deal with it.”

It’s such tosh. And please stop mentioning VUCA, too.


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  1. I’m something of a fan of Ray Kerzweil’s thinking on exponential growth and “The Singularity.”

    And “The Singularity” would be a point at which people “before” that point simply cannot understand the world as it is “after” that point.

    But what I think they miss is that we are and have always been in “The Singularity.” I don’t see how anyone in World War II could reasonably be expected to understand how “life as we live it today,” with the internet and constant connectivity and blogs like this one, are done. Social media. “Fake News” that is not from conventional news sources. Etc.

    We are in “The Singularity” right now. We always have been. We always will be. (… unless we destroy ourselves.)

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