In Organisational Psychotherapy, the key reason I use the word “memeplex” to refer to a collection of related memes is to highlight the phenomenon of interlock. Which is to say, the various memes of a memeplex interacting to reinforce one other. In practice, this means that considering one meme in isolation is unlikely to effect much of a change of thinking on that topic, as various other memes of the memeplex will act to oppose any such change of thinking.

Interlock suggests that considering memes in isolation, one at a time, makes changing thinking much more difficult, if not impossible.


In my latest book, “Memeology“, I invite readers to reflect upon the idea of interlock, and the role it plays in shaping which memes a group or organisation might together choose to discuss, and when.

If you’re looking for some advice here, I’d suggest proceeding on a broad front, at the outset touching lightly on a range of memes (for example, some of those appearing in the book). In this way, participants may begin to get a feel for how the various memes of their memeplex interact and interconnect.

As discussions deepen and focus in on specific memes, surfacing and reflecting together as you go, you may find yourselves moving forward towards a revision of the collective assumptions and beliefs related to these memes.

– Bob

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