Who Needs the Status Quo?

Who Needs the Status Quo?

SAFe, as an example, does us a great service. No, really! Its relatively wide uptake invites us to ask the question: Why would anyone adopt SAFe when it’s demonstrably useless, not to mention demotivating (for employees) and ruinously expensive?

My answer: People adopt SAFe, or more often, instruct minions to adopt SAFe, because that meets their needs. In particular, it allows the status quo to continue unchanged and unchallenged, under the thinnest of veneers of “doing something about change”. The assumptions and beliefs of the Core Group can remain undisturbed and unexamined.

More generally, the status quo suits many of those who hold positions of influence or control in organisations today. It’s got them to where they are, and provides them with the means to continue serving their own wellbeing. For others – such as the Smart Conservative – the status quo is the least worst alternative in the change game.

Travesties such as SAFe will continue unabated until such time as those in charge find alternative means to better attend to their needs.Until then, the status quo will do nicely, thank you.

– Bob

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  1. Marco said:

    Reminds me of the quote of Jhon Gall, from ‘The Systems Bible” – “IN ORDER TO REMAIN UNCHANGED, THE SYSTEM MUST CHANGE”

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