Let’s be Honest

Let’s be Honest

Let’s be honest, honesty seems in pretty short supply in life, and especially in business. 

Let’s be honest…

  • It’s dangerous to speak one’s mind honestly.
  • Most folks are more interested in holding down a job than in being honest about what’s going on.
  • Being honest feels good, but has far more negative consequences than positive ones.
  • The more senior the person, the more lip-service is paid to honesty.
  • How often do you feel it necessary to hide what you’re doing, rather than honestly declaiming your actions?
  • The smarter folks are, the more acute their capacity for self-deception.
  • Character (as in “good character”) is lauded in public and ridiculed in private.
  • You’re not going to risk commenting on this post, lest someone influential sees your honest opinon.

– Bob

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  1. Mark Batty said:

    Agree Bob, in the past I, like many others, were ultimately afraid to speak the truth for some of the reasons you mentioned. Once you make the conscious decision to be completely honest (though diplomatic most times) it’s liberating.

  2. allygill said:

    When I joined a major outsourcing company some 25 years ago my first boss warned me that I had to learn to play the political game. I learnt the rules and played along for a while, but I never felt comfortable being dishonest with myself. As I approach my 60th I can play the grumpy old man card on a regular basis to explain why I’m still politically incorrect and call things for what they are. That’s part of who I am and it’s not going to change. The reason I went freelance is because someone tried to change that part of me…So I quit and told him exactly where he could stick his image consultant!

    • I too received such advice in my youth. I ignored it then, and have over the years come to understand the dysfunction inherent in living like that. And, like yourself, spent many years contracting to avoid the politics.

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