Quickie: Where can I go for a decent conversation?

“The question is, are the foundations and familiarity of the current [social media] applications on the market too deeply set for their respective companies to change? It appears that a revolution [in social media] is required, not an evolution. Is this solution on the horizon though?“

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  1. Bob, you can have a meaningful discussion of your topics on both LinkedIn and Facebook.

  2. It’s really not all that difficult, in my opinion. The main problem I see is that facebook and twitter unify all your social interactions into a single feed. It’s a “chaos” feed. It includes bits and pieces of *everything*!!!

    And it’s not like we have *no idea* how to solve these problems. Usenet Newsgroups were designed, from the ground up, to solve this problem. Slack solves it nicely too.

    NOT necessarily by locking oneself into private secluded enclaves. (But that is *part* of it.) But by segregating content by topic!

    Facebook and twitter have become largely useless and toxic to me mostly because they’re dominated by political content. And there’s no easy way to separate the politics from the other subjects that we wish to talk about.

    I ran an app to analyze my facebook contacts, and it showed that I have very clear and separate groups of people I communicate with: Family, Software Development, Caving, and a few other special topics. When I’m talking about *that topic*, I want my comments to go to the people most interested in that topic. >>> NOT EVERYONE! <<<

    I'm sure it's the same on twitter. I joined to talk with Software Development Thought Leaders. But everything's been overwhelmed with politics for the past few years.

    I have no problem with having lots of messages on lots of different topics that I may wish to peruse.

    My problem is that different topics have different priorities for me. And my "top priority" most important topics keep getting "drowned out" and "lost" in the great flood of *everything else*.

    It does not have to be that way. There is no excuse for it being that way. This is a "solved problem." We've had solutions for this since "The Dawn of the Internet." We're just ignoring the known solutions.

    • “Ignoring the known solutions.” Sounds like the Human Condition writ large? For me, the question is: Why is this so common? And what to do about it? (OK, two questions).

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