An Intention Announced

An Intention Announced

In line with the advice process, I’m posting here my intention to set up a new site to provide us with a dedicated online space for our interactions and archives. This will provide us with a shared home, replacing the use of my blog for this purpose, and is both in response to and anticipation of requests from our fledgling community of principle for such a facility. How long this facility will prove useful before we choose to move on again, I can’t say. I suspect somewhere between several weeks and a year or more.

I intend using the P2 theme on this site.

Would you be willing to provide some advice before I act on this intent? I intend to act on this intention circa: Monday 16 Nov 2015, Noon GMT.

– Bob


  1. daveatigence said:

    Hi Bob, my apologies for “going dark” on you since saying I’m in. Setting up a different site feels like a good idea to me because of being able to “disambiguate”.

    It ought to allow us all to concentrate on the developing community aspects, which will no doubt take some different directions from your current blog.

    Keep up the good work, we appreciate you putting this initial effort in on our behalf.


  2. Aidan Ward said:

    This community thing. Groucho Marx was there a long long time ago.

    And doing work on behalf of a community in the hope that ….

    I have a mate who used to chirp up regular as clockwork: “Aidan, why would you break your heart doing that?”

    Our culture is so fragmented, everything is held to be down to the individual. Everything must be caused by someone.

    Can I contribute something from the nascent International Bateson Institute? To be in a system that is learning is to be alive and joyful.


    • Great comments, Aidan. “To be in a system that is learning is to be alive and joyful.”

  3. Thank you, Bob. I like the idea of using P2: blogging at the speed of thought and a setting up a different site. I agree with daveatigence.

  4. Philip Schönholzer said:

    Thanks for taking action. My only advice is that Slack has worked remarkable at work and I could imagine that it could work also for our endeavor.
    It’s group chat with channels and integrats with twitter, Trello, Dropbox, Google calendar and many, many more. Also the notifications are really great (and per user customizable). All together it’s amazing for collaboration.

    • Hi Philip,

      Thanks for reminding me about Slack. I suspect it would be at least as good a choice as P2, feature-wise, if not better. The key to my choice is the time and inclination I have to admin the thing. A WordPress site is better for *me* in that respect.

      – Bob

  5. i agree with setting up another site.

  6. Michele Stacks said:

    I like the idea of a seperate site. Thank you for the initiative.

  7. Hi Bob, I like your intention to set up a new wordpress site, the platform is easy to use. I assume you mean to provide the fellows the means to publish on that site making it a good platform for fellows to share opinions, comment and attrach/involve others. We will probably need a document management system sometime later. We could make foresee pages introducing fellows, sponsors…

    • Hi Davy,

      Yes. Means to publish. I guess some folks might like to have no special privileges, some author’s privileges and some admin’s privileges. That seems doable.

      Re: Document management. WordPress pages (as contrasted with posts) may serve, pro tem. Maybe someone will express an intention to provide something more, as and when.

      – Bob

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