Making Contact

Making Contact


With the intent of helping folks find one other, I offer the following summary of contact details for the current fellows of our <name tbd> “community of principle” (cf. my recent invitation post). Note: I’ve only included here information already in the public domain.

The common denominator seems to be Twitter, at the moment. I propose the (temporary) hashtag #advicesought – until we find something better.

If anyone would like to provide other contact information, etc, please go ahead (e.g. via comments). Given Gravatar plays well with e.g. WordPress, maybe your own Gravatar entry + link might also suit (you might like to use Gravatar or similar to share other basic information, too). Happy to remove any details you don’t want appearing here.



Please note: The list of fellows now appears on our dedicated community site under the About – Fellows page.
[Bob – 16 November 2015]

– Bob

  1. Michele Stacks said:

    Minor correction 🙂 I am @Michele_Stacks

  2. yeuwen said:

    Yeu Wen is my first name. Please use my gravatar too – I am re-reading your related Organisational Psychotherapy posts to respond to your query in the original post about setting up this community.

    • Hi Mel,

      Thanks for your contact details. Is your intent to put your hand up to join our fledgling “community of principle” as e.g. a fellow?

      – Bob

      • hi bob. yes! sorry for not being clear about that.

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