After Agile

After Agile


In recent workshops and conferences I’ve been inviting people to explore the question of “After Agile, DevOps, what now?”

There’s a line of argument, and of exploration, that goes something like this:

Idealised Design

What does the Ideal software development organisation / business look like and work like? If our existing organisation / company / business was totally destroyed last night, what would we choose today in rebuilding it? What are the key concepts and principles that we would choose to focus on in creating our ideal organisation? Cf. Idealised Design, Russell L. Ackoff.

The Role of Mindset

We may find “culture” or “mindset” amongst our idealised key concepts. By which I mean organisational mindset (Cf. Rightshifting and the Marshall Model). If so, then we may want to discover means to “shift” our present organisational mindset towards our ideal model.

Organisational Psychotherapy

How to shift an organisation’s mindset? I propose Organisational Psychotherapy as a means for approaching that in a structured way. What are the issues involves in such a shift? What does therapy have to offer? What does therapy feel like? And what kinds of therapy might suit?

If you’d like to explore these ideas in your own organisation and context, via a workshop or similar, I’d be happy to oblige. Please get in touch.

– Bob

  1. Paul Beckford said:

    Hi Bob,

    We are living in interesting times. I think the answer to the question “what next?” has to do with the nature of work, and whether you believe it is changing or not.

    Are our organisations there to serve society as a whole, or do they exist to concentrate wealth in the hands of a privileged few?

    These are big social questions.

    I fear that very little has changed. My bet is that our future will look a lot like our past. We may even have gone backwards. Some Economists argue that the post war era with increased wealth distribution and improving working conditions, was an aberration that has now come to an end. If true, then our future could look more like the 19th century!!


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