Antimatter Emotioneering

Antimatter Emotioneering

Well, that’s quite a mouthful. What does it mean?

The Antimatter Principle says “attend to folks’ needs”. Emotioneering says “design things specifically to evoke positive emotions, because that’s how people decide to buy – emotionally”.

Put these two together and we have a recipe for awesomely effective product development:

Appeal to folks’ emotions
by designing things (products, services) that
attend to their fundamental emotional needs.

Here, “folks” and “their” refer to everyone involved, not just buyers, customers or users.

  • Don’t get hung up on features or utility. It’s our emotional responses that rule our lives.
  • Don’t get hung up solely on the customers’ perspective. Everyone involved can find joy in attending to folks’ needs.
  • Be aware of the scope for attending to folks’ needs through the course, the activities of product development, and not just the end result.

– Bob

  1. Yuval Yeret said:

    Nicely put. Now – can we acknowledge that what some people need on an emotional level is something “safe” that feels within their comfort zone? (a process, a tool, SAFe, etc. )? 🙂

    • Yes. I can acknowledge that some folks have a need to feel safe. Cf Anzeneering. Many folks conflate needs (e.g. safety) with strategies (e.g. processes, tools, a particular method, etc.) for getting those needs met.

      How to help folks disassociate relatively ineffective strategies (mutable) from their needs (more or less immutable)? And consequently open up the possibilities for their finding (relatively) more effective strategies? I posit support via metastrategies is the way to go, here. Cf Schwartz-Hebron.

      – Bob

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