The First Step

The First Step

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

~ Lao Tzu


Last week I posted about Rightshifting the HiveMind Network. Since then I’ve been reflecting on where and how to make a start. Not wishing to take anyone or anything for granted, I feel most comfortable starting out low-key, and without any kind of agenda. That meets my need for allowing folks the choice of whether and how to participate, and indeed to shape what it might be they’re choosing participate in.

Rightshifting Is Not The First Step

Let’s not assume that there are folks who have the time or inclination to engage in e.g. improvement. Certainly in most organisations I have worked with, any kind of explicit improvement, a.k.a. “continuous improvement”, has come way down the list of most folks’ needs. The very idea of change, even when it’s for “the better”, does not garner universal support, nor automatically attract folks to participate in it.

The Journey

So, to the first step. This week, on the HiveMind Network infrastructure, I’ve launched a new “group” – an online forum of sorts – named “The Journey“. I have no idea what will transpire. For me, this is part of the delight of the first step. It’s a new adventure.

Here’s how I’ve described the new group to the HiveMind Network folks:

“What is the HiveMind Network? What could it become? What do people need it to be? I have as yet no answers to these questions. But I’m curious to discover, learn and co-create them. I suspect you may be similarly curious. I invite you to join us and journey together for a while – on a journey of discovering and co-creating the kind of HiveMind Network that meets all our needs.

The journey ahead is uncertain and I know not where it will lead. Or who will walk it with me. But it feels like destiny, somehow. Will you join us?”

I have few illusions about the road ahead. At least I have a next step: actually having folks in the network get to see the invitation.

“Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?”

~ GImli, Son of Glóin

– Bob

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