How Not To Write A Scrum Master Job Description

How Not To Write A Scrum Master Job Description

Just about every Scrum Master job description I see these days has a host of non-sequiturs which would immediately dissuade anyone competent from applying. Some of these non-sequiturs include:

  • Requirement for a “Certified Scrum Master”

Shows an abject ignorance of the nature of the CSM “training”.

  • Management of multiple teams

a) Scrum Masters don’t manage anything.

b) Requiring a Scrum Master to work with more than one team is a recipe for failure.

  • Managing hybrid Agile and waterfall projects and programmes

a) See a) above

b) Why would anyone competent want to work in Waterfall AT ALL?

c) Both “projects” and “programmes” signifies a conventional worldview not calculated to attract competent Scrum Masters.

  • Conflating Project Manager and Scrum Master

a) See a) above

b) Project managers and Scrum Masters are chalk and cheese, specifically in the way they go about their roles.

c) Project managers are not, never have been, and never will be Agile.

  •  Work with Product Owner to…

a) Scrum Masters do not work (one-to-one) with Product Owners – the team does (NB the Scrum Master may be involved).

  • Knowlege of JIRA


  • Etc.

Would you be willing to share the egregious howlers have you seen in Scrum Master job descriptions?

– Bob

Further Reading

How To Write An Agile Job Ad ~ Tobias Mayer
The Subversion of Agile: “Agile Is A Cancer” ~ Zak Bonaker

  1. Martin Burns said:

    – Recruiting it as a permie job, and woefully underpaid (score double).

    – Recruiting via recruiters/ads and not via networks

    – “Drive improvements in productivity” (a) ‘Drive’ (b) very, very hard to objectively measure (c) asking to be gamed

    • Hi Tobias,

      I loved that post when I first read it. A great example of a terrible cancer spreading across the software industry. Thanks for reminding me of it.

      – Bob

  2. “As the scrum master, you will be responsible for ensuring that the team meet their sprint commitments”.

  3. Glenn said:

    Recruiting for an ‘Agile’ Scrum Master.

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