I Am Your Therapist

I Am Your Therapist


In case you found my previous post too negative.

Note: the “you” and “your” in this post mostly refers to the organisation a.k.a. workplace, working community, within which individuals play their parts.

I am your therapist when you ask me.

I find joy in attending to folks’ needs. When you need me as a therapist, I will likely find much joy in the role.

I am your therapist for as long as we both feel we’re attending to our needs.

Our connection, should we both choose to form one, must of necessity be a mutual one. Whereas our focus at the outset may be on the needs of the organisation, we will likely find joy in attending to the needs of others, too, such as employees, managers, shareholders, customers, suppliers, and wider society. And even my own needs as your therapist.

I am your therapist on those occasions when you choose to play an active role.

Whenever you’re energised and involved in attending to your needs, and addressing your issues, I’ll be there.

I am your organisation’s therapist.

As an organisational therapist, I work with the organisational psyche. If you believe that the organisations psyche – or mindset – has any influence over the organisation, how it works, and its relative success or failure, then you may begin to see the value of having someone attend to it. As we work together, you may come to see this more clearly.

– Bob

Further Reading

The Advantage ~ Patrick Lencioni

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