Raising The Bar

Raising The Bar

Most days I have at least ten different ideas for blogs posts. Some I reject because they don’t fit the kind of posts I want to publish here on Think Different. That’s what marketers call “positioning”.

FWIW I’m considered the merits of having a number of different blogs to help with this. For example, my (presently) rather low-activity Humane Solutions blog, and now my latest, “Digital Business Transformation“.

But for the past couple of months, I’ve been applying a new filter to my ideas for posts: How likely is it that folks will ACT on the post? If I deem it unlikely to promote action, I’ll not write the post. For the moment this means I’m writing and posting much less. And that’s OK for me.

– Bob


  1. No action required on this blog post I assume?

    • Thanks, Ben.

      Because of my need to make a different, and to help people, I’d love to hear from folks about things they’re eager to act on. If only they had the right information, know-how, support, way forward, etc.

      I invite readers to act – and share their blockers to action, and espoused actions, here.

      – Bob

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