This Rotten Edifice

This Rotten Edifice


I see the rotten edifice we have constructed, and I weep.

I see people labouring to buy things under the misapprehension it will make them happy. Things which then own them.

From top to bottom, I see people who have no faith, no joy in what they do. Yet feel obliged to act as if they did.

I see people worshipping at the temple of Mammon, knowing he is a false god.

I see people going through the motions, putting on a brave face, pretending that what they’re doing matters, that there’s some point to it all.

I see people in thrall to the delusion that if they just stick at it, things will be better one day.

I see people making themselves and everyone around them miserable because they’re bought into, bet their farm on, this rotten edifice.

I see people full of resentment, playing the game and hating it all at the same time.

I see people take refuge in friendships, family, pets, hobbies – unable or unwilling to address the core issues of being part of this rotten edifice.

I see people capable of so much more, resigned to settle for so little.

I see people, each suffering in silence, not talking about what matters to them, how they feel, what they need.

Such beauty in the world. Such a rotten edifice obscuring our view. Where’s the joy?

– Bob

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  1. Pretty depressing post. Perhaps you may need a therapist of your own?

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