Lego people pushing a laden cart with square wheels and refusing a round wheel

Obviously there are going to be days, or even weeks, when a team is necessarily focussed on delivery. Sponsors and Product Owners have deadlines, the world dances to its own drum, and sometimes it’s a struggle to meet those critical dates.

At times like these, attempting to also focus on longer-term improvements – such as building trust – can just add more stress, and seem to detract from the task at hand.

So, mañana becomes the default response.

“When will we talk about morale?”

“When will we invest some time in sharpening our saw?”

“Can we do something about our level of capability to deliver?”

“I’d like more predictability, lower costs, more responsiveness and higher quality.”

And so on.

How does your team find the balance between the demands of today, and mañana?

– Bob

Further Reading

LEGO, Square Wheels, Innovation, Leadership and stuff ~ Dr. Scott Simmerman

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