Flow, Shmo

Flow, Shmo

We hear a lot from certain quarters about the benefits of flow – i.e. of value, through eg a value chain, or network, of suppliers to eg customers. I myself have written about it on occasion. And I even had the job title of Head of Product Development Flow, last year.

As a guideline for the initiated, this can work. See: the Lean Decision Filter.

But, as I wrote more recently, the Antimatter Decision Filter illustrates how flow, and even value, comes some way down the list of what matters to most people.

And all this finagling around flow (or value, or even needs, for that matter) is moot to the point of utter batshit irrelevance to most folks out there in businessland and beyond.

So what does matter to people? Don’t ask me. Why not ask them?

– Bob

Further Reading

Theory of Constraints 3 Bottle Demo to improve Flow ~ Youtube video

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