Speaking at Lean Agile Scotland 2012

Speaking at Lean Agile Scotland 2012

My thanks to Karl Scotland for allowing me to (re)use his blog post.

I am delighted to have been invited to speak about “Organisational Effectiveness: Rightshifting and the Marshall Model” at the upcoming Lean Agile Scotland, which is being held September 21-22 in Edinburgh. In fact, the whole Saturday morning looks like being a Rightshifting-fest, with Ian Carroll talking about Systemic Flow Mapping in “Rightshifting in action, using Kanban for organisational change”, and Torbjörn Gyllebring talking about reciprocity in “Faith, Science & Rightshifting”.

If you want to go, I have a code which gives a discount of 10% on the ticket price. However, this will expire on the 6th of September. Let me know if you want the code, and then go to http://www.leanagilescotland.com/tickets and and follow the eventbrite steps.

– Bob


1 comment
  1. Hi Bob,

    I’m delighted that you’re making it up and am really looking forward to the Righshifting-fest on Saturday, it’s going to be fun.

    Thanks again for the post.


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