Debate to the Death

Debate to the Death

I’m stupid. Real stupid. Time and again I get sucked into debating with people who quite clearly are only interested in exercising their enormous intellects (and egos) in some internet version of the College Debating Society. Maybe it’s because I’m too interested in others’ opinions that I stick at it. Maybe it’s just politeness. Maybe it’s down to my value system. FWIW StrengthsFinder has told me that one of my signature themes is Includer. In any case, it sucks.

I’d be much happier if we could more often find the charity and humility to do more mutual learning, and less ego-wanking. Actually, now I’ve go that off my chest, I’m resolved to break the pattern. I’ll use the keyword “Squirrel!” to remind myself.

So if you see or hear me say “Squirrel!”, you’ll know what I mean.

And please, don’t try to debate this with me. Squirrel!

– Bob


I’d prefer to have the luxury of being able to share this pain with folks whenever a debate hove into view, and yet I struggle with my Ladder of Inference telling me that the folks who choose the debating route will only continue to debate, albeit on the new topic of whether debating has any merits. If anyone has any ideas about how to get out of this doom loop (a.k.a. bind) I’d be grateful.

Further Reading

Using a Case Study to Learn the Mutual Learning Model ~ Benjamin Mitchell
Towards a Culture of Mutual Learning ~ Ilana Nevill

  1. Very interesting, for multiple reasons:
    a) your strengthfinder report resonates a lot 🙂 How do you get one of those?
    b) The structure of your post reminds me of the personal alignment Core Protocol: Was that intentional? Anyway, happy to support your Squirrel signal. I guess #squirrel might be an adequate response. 🙂
    c) Most importantly: I often feel similar about conversations on Twitter (and I think I have been involved in some of those debates that inspired you to write this…) and I love your idea. Will use the Squirrel signal as well (hope that’s ok). 🙂
    Should you use Skype, try (heidy) that might come in handy.
    I recently tried #intentioncheck on Twitter (another Core Protocol) and that worked fine too. 🙂

    Thank you.

    • Hi Olaf,

      Thanks for your comments – and (continued) support.

      One can get a free StrengthsFinder evaluation online with a code inside every copy of the book. At least, that’s how it used to work.

      Thanks for reminding me of the Personal Alignment protocol. Maybe my subconscious was channelling that.

      – Bob

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