Dare to Disagree

Dare to Disagree

Although in the same general vein as “On the Morality of Dissent“, a post I wrote some months ago, this TED video featuring Margaret Heffernan (a five time CEO) actually makes a great argument for Thinking Differently (in case you hadn’t noticed, the title and theme of this blog).

“We have to seek out people with different backgrounds, different disciplines, different ways of thinking and different experiences – and find ways to engage with them… that’s a kind of love.”

~ Margaret Heffernan

If it took 25 years for doctors to stop killing children (with X-rays), what chance do we have to bring significant change to the way organisations work – in our lifetimes?

“How do organisations think? Well, for the most part, they don’t. And that isn’t because they don’t want to. It’s really because they can’t… And they can’t  because the people inside of them are too afraid of conflict… so they can’t think together.”

~ Margaret Heffernan

– Bob

Further Reading

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team ~ Patrick Lencioni

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