How to Communicate With Your Customers

I appreciate the very ethical stance of not blaming the Head of Communications for the failings of this system. Love the final line.


From this brilliant article in the Guardian, asking the people who set prices why certain things are so expensive. Below is an extract from the section on why train tickets are so expensive and difficult to understand for customers. GW is the reporter who is speaking with COMMS, the head of communications for CrossCountry trains.

Yes, head of communications. 

GW: I tried to book a CrossCountry train journey from St Austell to Macclesfield. The only available ticket was £147.50, eight weeks ahead. Train companies boast about low advance fares – the trade-off for pricey walk-on fares. What’s going on?

COMMS: Not all journeys have an advance fare. We set the fare between St Austell and Birmingham, so we can offer an allocation of advance fares for that part of the journey. But Birmingham to Macclesfield is set by another operator.

GW: But both segments of the journey are aboard CrossCountry…

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  1. I wouldn’t want to be him today, that’s for sure. But you COULD say “well done” for him for pointing out, however inadvertently, “Because that is the way the system is set up”

    Out of the mouths of babes…

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