This is Not a Blog Post

This is Not a Blog Post

Picasso was sitting at a table outside a Paris cafe. A woman came up to him and asked him to draw something for her on a napkin. He complied, doodling as only he could. After he quickly finished he requested the French equivalent of $5,000. Agast the woman said — “but it only took you 2 minutes!” Smiling, the great man replied — “no Madam, it took me my whole life.”

Similarly, this blog post – and others – did not take just a few minutes. Rather each takes me my whole life. And although I am no Picasso of the prose, you might just appreciate each post a little more if you take them as a whole. I’m sure the same goes for others’ blogs and posts, too. Not to mention developers and developing, testers and testing, managers and managing, etc..


– Bob

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