Agile Blogging

Agile Blogging

This’ll be a short but sweet post to explain my current approach to blogging.

Subscribers and other regular readers will have noticed that, for some blog posts, I have taken to publishing early drafts well before the post is in any kind of “finished” state.

I’m trialling this approach with the following hopes:

  • I hope this will encourage me to get started on topics which I feel will take some extended writing effort (this in itself a limbering-up for even more extended writing effort in the form of a book). In the past I have parked such posts and rarely got round to completing and publishing them.
  • I hope that early publication will encourage readers to comment and feel they can influence the direction of the “finished” post – so far this has been a mixed bag.
  • I hope it exemplifies the Agile ethos of “deliver early, deliver often”, “provide early value for customers” and “get a Minimum Viable Product” out into the market, and garnering feedback on e.g. demand, as soon as possible.
  • It reflects my need for meaningful connection with people, in that maybe readers will be more likely to engage with the topic whilst the post remains incomplete and open for mutual learning and evolution of its content.
I’l be delighted to hear if you think this approach has merits (or not).
– Bob
  1. Yes, good approach – I wonder if it would encourage me to blog more.

    Sadly, I feel that with range of outlets: tumblr, what remains of Posterous, and G+ my blog has been sadly neglected.

    • Hi Amy,

      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. It’s working out great – in as much as it’s helping me publish many more posts than I was doing previously.

      As for whether my readers like it as much, I have heard little either way.

      – Bob

      • I like it. But I haven’t seen any of the promised updates. May need a way of alerting readers.

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