Starting Out As I Mean To Go On

Starting Out As I Mean To Go On

I recently tweeted the following:

First ever (Twitter) “customer” survey: What can I do to serve you folks better, tweet-wise? Please RT. #tweetsurvey

Which, surprisingly for me, failed to garner much attention – and even fewer responses. Should I then conclude that you, dear readers, love all and everything that I share – or that you are so hacked off with my stuff that you never read any of it? :}

In any case, on the occasion of this, my new WordPress blog, I thought maybe a different medium, with the opportunity to respond more permanently, via e.g. blog comments, may suit you better?

– Bob

  1. I saw that tweet and actually thought it was a survey from Twitter rather than yourself – which might explain some of the lack of responses

    I like the articles that you bring to my attention – problem is that you find so many that I dont have time to keep up

    Collecting them up into a regular blog post would give me more time to look through them rather then trying to keep up with a Twitter stream

  2. Phil,
    Thanks for your feedback. I’ll try to make the tweets look more like they come from myself next time I do a tweet survey. Have you thought of using Twitter “Lists” and/or “Favourites” to keep track of stuff you might want to come back to? And I hear some folks like using Instapaper or other “Read Later” service for that. Any good?

    – Bob

  3. Cristina said:

    I find your tweets extremely interesting – they stretch my mind beyond my comfort zone and enable me to understand different perspectives. Hence your survey was not necessary (IMO).

  4. James said:


    Your writing, tweets or otherwise, does not go unappreciated. Thought provoking, informative, (seemingly) battle tested advice gets a youngster like myself questioning things and seeing them differently.

  5. Yeah, liking the posts and missed your survey too… One thing to watch with the tweets of blog entries (or anything) is to make them “FlipBoard friendly” – you need the http:// before these – just checked when I did a reply. Only certain shorteners are navigated and expanded by FBd – I use as I’ve had problems with others.

  6. Don Jones said:

    I learn much from what you have posted. please keep it going.

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