Contextualising FlowChain

Contextualising FlowChain

[From the Archive: Originally posted at Jan 22, 2011]

[Update: Grant is sadly no longer with us.]

My colleague and co-conspirator Grant Rule writes this piece, with which I concur on just about every point. Some “traditionalist” have already had some trouble seeing past their existing assumptions and approaching the ideas herein with an open mind. Maybe you can suspend disbelief for a few minutes while reading the full post?

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Agile methods are one or more steps nearer to the ideal of ‘single piece continuous flow’. BUT… they are inherently limited because they continue to create & disband teams, to establish & abandon value streams, to create & throw away know-how, at – it seems – every opportunity. And crucially, they allow the C-suite and ‘business-side’ managers to ignore their responsibilities for the system of work and for the desired outcome.


– Bob

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