Employees’ Self-confidence – A Cinderella of Organisational Effectiveness

Employees’ Self-confidence – A Cinderella of Organisational Effectiveness

[From the Archive: Originally posted at Amplify.com Jan 19, 2011]

Penned in 1994, and still an alien or ignored idea in most Analytic-minded organisations even today:

Note to self: applies to peers as much as to “subordinates” (ugly term).

Amplifyd from www.winstonbrill.com

One of a manager’s most important responsibilities is increasing subordinates’ self-confidence; employees then have a more optimistic—but realistic—view of their skills and talents. 

Increasing self-confidence offers more than psychic rewards.  If employees feel good about themselves, chances are you will notice that productivity and morale both improve.  Why?  First, self-confident people are decisive rather than tentative.  They can focus on their work responsibilities instead of worrying about the reactions of others, and they are optimistic about reaching their objectives.

Second, self-confident people are risk-takers, and taking risks is crucial in technical organizations.  These people are expressive; they forge ahead instead of waiting for someone else to show the way.  People who lack self-confidence, on the other hard, tend to play “catch up” rather than focus on progress.

Third, people who feel good about themselves are likely to increase the self-confidence of those around them.  Self-confident people are respected by colleagues and management, and they return that respect.

Once we decide that improving self-confidence among the staff is a vital responsibility for a manager, how do we go about it?  By accepting, praising, appreciating, encouraging, and reassuring.  Let’s examine these actions.

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– Bob

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