We’re All Human (Even CEOs)

We’re all human (even CEOs)

[From the Archive: Originally posted at Amplify.com Jan 4, 2011]

A great opinion-piece from Mike Myatt (@MikeMyatt) about the C-level perspective on responding to the need for business change.

#1 take-away for me: we’re all prone to the frailties of the human condition, even CEOs. And we can all help each other out too, to compensate.

Amplifyd from www.n2growth.com

So why is it that so many CEOs shirk their responsibility, stick their heads in the sand, and avoid making necessary changes? It is my experience that they either lack the personal skill sets, or haven’t built the right executive team to lead change, they just don’t recognize the need for change, or they just don’t care.

Read more at www.n2growth.com

– Bob

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